Sim800l relay control

John M. Wargo is a professional software developer and author. You can find him online at www. Relays are basically switches, switches that you control turn on or off by applying or removing a specific voltage to the relay device. I used a relay in my microcontroller-controlled garage door opener because I needed my project to mimic pushing a physical button the garage door button on the wall which required switching capabilities, not the ability to send an output voltage from the board.

I used a relay in my light timer project because the project required switching on and off household electric current Volts ACwhich my Raspberry Pi cannot do directly. There are two common types of relays: mechanical relays and solid-state relays. Mechanical relays use an electromagnetic coil and a physical switch; when you apply a voltage, the switch activates.

The supported modes are Normally Open and Normally Closed. When you apply an appropriate voltage to the control circuit, the electromagnetic coil in the relay activates and pulls the switch closed, enabling current to flow through the switched circuit.

Figure 1 — Normally Open relay operation. When the relay is at rest no voltage applied to the control circuitthe switched circuit is closed and current flows through the switched circuit. When you activate the relay by applying an appropriate voltage to the control circuit, the electromagnetic coil in the relay activates and pulls the switch open, stopping any current flowing through the switched circuit. Figure 2 — Normally Closed relay operation. Relays are like other switches in that there are different configurations available.

Two attributes drive switch configurations: Pole and Throw. The pole attribute describes how many individual circuits are controlled by the switch.

A Single Pole SP switch controls a single circuit. A Double Pole DP switch controls two separate circuits; there are essentially two interconnected switches, with each connected to its own circuit; when you toggle the switch, both circuits are affected simultaneously. A Single Throw ST has only one circuit path.Discussed setup can be used as a backup route to an IoT device, enabling access in case of a failure in the primary network connectivity.

But with this approach, it is necessary to pull messages stored in SIM periodically. This can be very inefficient in case of a system that does not get commands very frequently.

If Arduino is running off of a battery above check will drain the battery pretty fast. Moreover, commands sent will not apply immediately.

If I understood your problem properly, your browser might have copied the code with the HTML encoding. Read through the first post for relevant details. Ayoma I used your code on Arduino ouno and all things is right just when I send on or off led, no action will happen and led not turns on. Pleas help me. Plz let us knw ur connection also.

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It wil be of great help. My message is Jjjjjj…. HI, is it possible change the rx and tx pins??? Is there a way to only allow the program to run if a particular specified phone number is sending the sms? In both cases, the SIM memory is readed and the power consumption is similar. Ok after re-read the program now i understand, the script is listening the GSM port for intakes… Nice. It's only fair to share Ayoma April 19, PM.

Stefan April 22, PM. Ayoma April 29, PM. Ankur Chaudhari July 20, PM. SIM moduel showing power check failed! Luis August 10, AM. Gurcharan Singh October 12, PM. Amal October 21, AM. Salam November 12, PM. Roshan Chamal November 14, AM.

Hi, Im having trouble, it says gprs was not declared in this scope thank you. Aalekh February 16, AM. Aloysius Teo February 23, PM. Simeon February 18, AM. Phuc July 10, AM. Willson July 17, PM. Willson July 19, PM.

How to fix this kind of error? Thank you for your answer. Arrvin January 22, PM.It uses the serial communication method; therefore, it can easily interface with the UART of almost all popular microcontrollers. The module boots on the home network automatically and thus do not requires a MAX power module.

There is an onboard led that indicates the presence of signals. It flashes slowly when there is a signal available and flashes quickly to indicate no signal. Sensors and Modules. Previous Article. Next Article. Most Popular. How to use a transistor BC as a switch 12 months ago. How to use a transistor BC as a switch Electronics Tutorial. Follow Us. Follow us on social media to be updated with latest electronics projects!

Power supply 3. Hard reset pin. If you absolutely got the module in a bad space, pull this pin low for ms to perform a hard reset.

Acts as a Ring Indicator. It is by default high and will pulse low for ms when a call is received. It can also be configured to pulse when an SMS is received. It is a differential microphone input. The two microphone pins can be connected directly to these pins. It is a differential speaker interface. The two pins of a speaker can be tied directly to these two pins.Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor Aenean massa.

sim800l relay control

Terima kasih banyak pak atas suportnya. Semoga sehat dan lancar selalu rejekinya. Request y pak, untuk mengetahui status lampu nyala atau gk kodenya apa ya pak? Tinggal tambahkan coding sent sms pada saat awal alat dihidupkan. Semoga dapat pahala atas posting share ilmunya Makasih banget mas, tapi mau tanya, bagaimana codingnya supaya semua nomor hp bisa meng on-off kan relay dengan patokan kode sms tanpa nomor hp yg terdaftar? Arduino: 1. Siang gan,Kok data void lood nya banyak yg ga ada di dalam scope ya?

Mas Edy, apakah sudah bisa jika coding diatas dipakai untuk simA mini?? Kebetulan saya juga mau buat coding untuk SIMA, tapi masih belum bisa. DB No respon terus. Gan, thanks sebelumnya. Serial ; kalau tidak maka setelah konfirmasi init success pasti semua relay jadi on.

Just share. Coba di cek di serial monitor pada saat dikirim sms ada tulisan relay on atau apa gitu ada apa nggak kalau nggak ada berarti ada kabel yang nggak nyambung. Mau tanya maskalau untuk mengetahui status relay mana yg aktif dan gak aktif lewat sms apa coding nya ya.

Gan mau tanya ni. Kalau pin vcc dengan pin GND sot kenapa gan? Gan arduino saya tidak menerima arus dari melalui power jack itu kenapa gan? Setelah saya Copy Codingnya dan saya Upload kok yang muncul error Compiling gan maksudanya gimana ya?

Sabtu, 11 Juni Serial ; Serial. Unknown 11 Juni Unknown 1 Juli Unknown 22 Juli Base Camp 29 Agustus Unknown 11 Oktober Unknown 30 Oktober Unknown 12 November Unknown 15 November Unknown 16 November Agus salim sam 17 November Unknown 21 November Unknown 23 Februari Unknown 15 Agustus Unknown 24 Februari Unknown 21 Maret Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor Aenean massa.

Init error kemungkinan module simL bermasalah.

SIM800 – Controlling Arduino with SMS (IoT Backup Route)

Jika tegangan sudah benar tapi ttap init eror itu masalah nya hanya pada negatif tegangan maksudnya jika menggunakan step down dengan beda sumber tegangan antara arduino n siml maka smua jalur negatif dari masing-masing sumber harus tersambung jd satu. SimL saya coba menggunakan perintah AT Command normal tidak ada masalah terus saya lanjutkan aplikasi kontrol led meggunakan sms saya cek di serial monitor di arduino muncul init errorsaya cek tegangan di simL 3,8 Voltcek wiring normal tidak ada yang salah.

Kira-2 apa ya penyebabnya? Trus kalu mau buat projek kendali led dengan nomor tertentu gimana mas? Misalnya nomor saya aja yang bisa berfungsi di project. Mas mau tnay. Klo pakai arduino uno bisa success tpi klo pakai arduino mega error init nya,untuk rx tx arduino mega pakai pin brp?

Pastikan dulu jaringan selular di Siml nya dapat signal atw tidak. Kenapa siml led kuning yang ada pada siml tidak bisa berkedip ya gan. Kamis, 02 Juni Serial ; Serial. Unknown 15 Juni Unknown 19 Mei Unknown 17 September Unknown 3 Oktober Unknown 11 Oktober Unknown 29 Oktober Unknown 9 November Unknown 16 November Lukman Arif Wijaya 17 November Unknown 27 Februari Aris Tito Sugihharto 29 April Unknown 30 April Gozha 7 Mei Unknown 7 Juli Unknown 1 Agustus Unknown 6 Agustus Unknown 16 Agustus Unknown 22 November Unknown 9 Desember Unknown 2 Februari Unknown 20 April Unknown 6 Mei Unknown 16 Maret Tambahkan komentar.Pages: [1] 2.

Control relay with sms and turn on for 5 minutes. Hi, I have a problem understanding how to use millis. May home automation project is that when the simL receive a "ON" message it will turn on the relay for 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance. Here's the code I found in the internet without turn on the relay for 5 minutes Code: [Select]. Re: Control relay with sms and turn on for 5 minutes. Have you tried to compile that code? You're missing the closing brace on your loop.

You are using String which should be avoided, better to use a char array. The instances of delay have no apparent use. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. Code: [Select].

SIM800L with arduino Tutorial. How to send, receive SMS and make a call.

The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions. I am not going to fix all your code, but I will address your actual question about millis and delay. Delay is "ok" if your sketch proceeds from a to b to c to d etc. I have used delay in my setup as a simple method to wait for other parts of my circuit to stabilize before running the loop of my program.

You want to create branches, a for serial, b for SPI etc. To do this, you never stay in one place very long. This is done by setting a flag: Code: [Select].

The slender snake hissed as she slithered slowly over the rocks, grass and leaves. Thank you for all the replies. But I really don't get it. I'm sorry. What is it that you don't get? Anything specific or all of it? Hi DKWatson, Quote.

Additional question. If I use delay for may relay to stay on for 5 minutes. I'm struggling to understand the millis so I think I will use the delay. But I'm wondering if the delay will stop the RTC time also? Thank you. If you use a RTC you are, sorry, a bit stupid using delaybecause that function is relative to the internal timer, that is not as good as a RTC.

If you are using a RTC you have to learn how to use it and use it every time. Thanks btw. Same as millis? The only thing is I think that RTCs mesure only seconds, millis is smaller.

sim800l relay control

You remind me of my first efforts with siml.This system operates in almost countries. It is considered as the default global standard. In this project, the SIMC is used to control the state of the lamp. This module can perform the processes of larger GSM modules, with minimal space and requirements.

On the other hand, a relay module is a type of switch that operates both electrically and mechanically. A relay module can switch the mains voltage. The data is then used by the Arduino to control the switch of the relay, which turns the lamp on or off.

This project follows the schematic diagram shown in Figure 1. Also, this project uses a 5V DC relay module. Connecting the relay to the lamp is achieved by soldering the wires. Soldering the connections is a must since the breadboard cannot handle the mains voltage of V AC. The code used in this project is shown above. To further understand the code shown above, this tutorial will explain the processes of the code per part, starting with the declaration of variables. The code shown above is its first part, which is the declaration and initialization of variables.

Also, this is where the library SoftwareSerial is included in the code. The SoftwareSerial library is used to incorporate serial communication onto the different pins of the Arduino Uno rather than using pins 0 and 1 for serial communication. Serial communication is a type of communication wherein data is transmitted and received using a communication channel one bit at a time. The second line of the code shown above states pins 9 and 10 as the RX and TX pins.

The next portion of the code is the declaration of variables needed. Declaring variables is a vital task when programming since this is where the data type of the variables are first indicated.

Lastly, the initialization of variables was created. This is where the variables first acquired their initial values. Their values may change as the code progresses. The second part of the code is the setup function. This is where the different Arduino pins needed are assigned as either inputs or outputs. Also, this is where the baud rate is defined in both the hardware and software serial communication.

Baud rate is defined as the rate of transfer of information in a communication channel. In this project, a baud rate of is used. This means that the serial port is capable of sending and receiving a maximum of bits per second. AT commands are instructions or directions needed to control a modem or module to perform a set of operations.

In this case, the module should read messages, receive messages, and set its mode to SMS text. The third part of the code is the loop function.

sim800l relay control

This is where the Arduino does its processes and repeats it continuously. The first main portion of the loop function is the if-statement which checks the availability of the connections between the SIMC and the Arduino Uno. Once the connection is available, the loop function uses another if-else statement to receive the message. Lastly, another if-statement and an AT command are used to delete messages to save memory.


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